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How to Change Yahoo Password?

While choosing the email service provider, Yahoo is preferred by many users. However, keeping your email account safe has become a quite difficult job in current times. You never know when a hacker might get his hands on your Yahoo account without you knowing about it.

Thus, it is necessary to take preventive measures from your side to safeguard your documents and contacts. You need to be a step ahead of a hacker to protect your account. Creating a strong password is for sure not enough to keep your data protected. You must update your password from time to time. It is the only possible and most effective way to keep hackers at the bay.

Don’t worry if you are new to this and don’t know how to change Yahoo password. Here we have covered it for you!

Learn to Change Your Yahoo Password

People often don’t change their Yahoo passwords simply because they don’t know how to do it. It is crucial for you as a vigilant user to understand the importance of changing your password once in a while.

It may seem unnecessary to you at first, but it is very critical because it will ensure the safety of your data. Furthermore, make sure you choose a strong password, using a mix of characters, symbols and numbers. Follow these easy steps and learn to change your password.

  • Open your Yahoo account and sign in.
  • After signing in, go to the profile name that you can find at the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Tap on Manage Accounts, and then Account Info.
  • Now, click on Account Security.
  • Select the Change Password option.
  • You can click Continue when prompted to switch to the Yahoo account key as the login method, or you can choose I would rather change my password.
  • Now you can set your new password. Re-enter the password for confirmation and tap on Continue.

So, this is your how to change Yahoo password guide. However, in case you forgot your existing password, you can still reset it. Also, here is a piece of advice, never reveal your password to anyone.


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